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Is to help you grow your small business by managing your social media pages to drive new clients to your organization. We want to create engagement with current clients to encourage a larger following to your social media business sites. Encouraging more reviews from your clients to initiate more effective search engine optimization (SEO).

People want to do business with people they know. By maintaining regular fun and educational content on your business social media pages, you can expand advertising to your existing clients, family, and friends simply with the "like" and "share" buttons that people are already using.

Our Story

McCM Social Media began with an idea from a very energetic dental assistant, recognizing that social media marketing is the next big thing in advertising for the small business. More specifically, for the dental industry. Dentists spend most of their time building their personal relationships with their patients. Dentist are even busier today than ever and should not have to spend time managing their social media marketing.

Dentistry has always used "word of mouth" type marketing. Therefore, where is the largest word of mouth happening in today's' society? SOCIAL MEDIA,  there is nothing bigger, that allows people to  connect to each other as "liking" and "sharing" information about your business.

Jennifer McCarty C.D.A, R.D.A, B.S. has worked in the dental field for over 25 years. She has surpassed her required educational requirements for her professional career. Her desire to excel was also a driving force in creating her own consulting firm, and help other dental practices to increase their new patient traffic using social media outlets.

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