Key Element in Building Raving Fans

Better dental internal marketing equals a higher rate of patient acquisition and retention. If you want a booming business you have to create raving fans. If your patients are all raving fans they will rave about you in their community. Having raving fans doing your marketing for you is a good thing!

Your existing team members, who love their job, are a key element in creating a raving fan patient base. We have all heard the old saying “a happy employee is a productive employee”, this is still so true for today. Your happy team members create an engagement with your patients that make happy and they want to return, or better yet tell family and friends how great their experience at XYZ dental may have been.

Delivering a WOW experience is more effective than good dentistry. Develop systems and protocols that will help define to your team how to engage and serve the needs of your patients. If you are all communicating on the same page, you are able to offer services to your patients better, faster and more cost-effectively. Most of all you will be creating raving fans who will want to talk to others about their experience in your practice.

You could be providing the best dentistry in town, but without a team who have been trained to communicate effectively with your patients you will not be creating that WOW effect that creates a raving fan patient base.

Strategy to create raving fans

Create internal engagement with your patients. Develop a better understanding for your patients on a personal level understand who your patients are in order to better understand their needs. Meet with your staff to have open discussions to anticipate the needs of your patients, and greet them in a way that tells the patient you know and care about them. Recognize employees who are excelling with these protocols.

Just because someone has found or been referred to your practice does not mean they are going to stay. Every patient you attract from external marketing if they are a raving fan should turn into 5 to 20 referred patients over the lifetime of that patient. Even with rock solid external marketing techniques when people call the office and are greeted by someone who has little to no phone skills will not create the raving fan you are looking for.

Regular open communication and feedback with your team can help ensure those who are weaker in customer service are given the opportunity to address need for improvement. Also, regularly discussing with the whole team how you would like communication to look. Expressing to them how important they are in the overall effect of acquiring and maintaining raving fans in our community. Give personal recognition to the team members who are making efforts to communicate more effectively with your patients.

Hold regular team meetings and give examples of how you sound smiling vs. how you sound not smiling. Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone over the phone and you can just tell they are having a bad day? Even though, you have never met that person you can tell by their voice. This can help impress on your team how important they are in the representation of your practice. Hold internal competitions for example, dinner gift certificate for the employee who can attain the most patients to post, like, or subscribe to the practice social media sites.

Good employees want to perform and please their “boss” and like to be recognized for their accomplishments. Sometimes while setting these expectations in motion there is a weeding out process of employees who do not fit with the needs of your practice. The key here is providing an adequate amount of feedback to effectively show them the areas that need improvement and if the employee does not make necessary changes there is no guilt when you let that person go.

You need to be clear and concise on what you expect.  Training does not have to be elaborate, you could direct the employee to watch videos on self-confidence or communication skills to help them better represent your practice. There is a lot of information in books and online to help a staff member get added training in any area of weakness. Understanding how your existing staff is a key element of the internal marketing that creates raving fans in your community.

Now that every patient is experiencing the WOW factor of your dental practice each raving fan that you acquire will equal 20 more raving fans.

Hello World

MCM (McCarty Consulting & Management was started by a dental assistant who could see that the typical dental practice did not have great interest in marketing let alone social media marketing. So the decision was made to start a company that dentists could trust to represent their company on their social media business pages.

The inspiration behind this company is that most people today are searching for their dentist on the internet. The days of dentists having a great yellow pages book version advertisement has long past. Therefore, I feel that the time for dentists to get on board with social media is only going to become more and more important part of their marketing strategy.

Because the CEO of MCM is a dental assistant she has a greater understanding of the professionalism and legalities regarding the content used for the business social media pages. Her professionalism and better understanding of who your target patients are, is an integral part in creating effective content for your practice.

MCM would like to return the best dental professionals back to the top of the conversation on the various social media platforms.

Product / Service Categories

Social Media Manager

A social media manager should be able to tell you how their services can increase your patient growth. They should also be able to show you the data to back up the new traffic they were able to create by managing a local businesses social media pages.

To be effective the manager should use fun and educational campaigns with your practice to engage your existing patients and staff to get involved. Encouraging patients to take photos and tag the practice their photos, now this will be shared to their wall with your name attached this will create new contacts from that patients existing friends and family from their social media pages.

With the use of social media platforms for marketing you are also establishing a reputation and creating brand awareness for your practice.

With the right company managing your social media marketing pages you will also be improving search engine optimization. Causing your brand name and business pages to become higher on search engines like google.